Assisted Living & Memory Care


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​​Our approach is to provide optimal quality of life and personalized care in a 6 beds  home environment community using components of Person-Centered Care: 
  • Get to know and understand resident's life story 

  • Maximize independence based on resident's preferences and needs. 

  • Building relationships and feelings of home. 

  • Activities that enrich the experience of our residents. 

  • Compassionate and trained team care in Alzheimer's, other form of dementia and person-centered care. ​
At Memoirs Assisted Living & Memory Care, we provide a safe and caring home environment to our residents in a beautiful residential neighborhood  with a person-centered approach that focuses on his/her unique journey and a set of care values that promotes the strengths, goals, and dignity of each individual living with dementia. 

Our commitment is to excellence, continuous improvement, and to create a positive and loving home environment for our residents. 

Home Environment 

Secured Community 

Person- Centered Approach 

We believe smaller is better for the person going through Alzheimer's or any other form of dementia. 
  Safety features: Video cameras throughout the home; Access control on entrance door; House alarm system on doors and windows; Fenced outdoors patio and secured spacious screened porch. We also have a fixed Generator and Fire Sprinklers for emergencies.
We provide a person-centered care approach and use each person's "Life Story" to help the person living with dementia feel safe, loved, connected, useful, appreciated, understood, wanted, not a burden.